Michinoku Coastal Trail

The long trails connect the Pacific coast from Hachinohe, Aomori Prefecture, to Soma, Fukushima Prefecture. The rias coast is full of unique attractions, such as Japan’s most beautiful cliff and one of the world’s three major fishing spots. After all, the biggest draw is the abundance of places where you can feel the dynamic seascapes. You can enjoy the overwhelming natural beauty while swaying with the sea breeze.

みちのく潮風トレイル 箱崎半島

Michinoku Coastal Trail opened in 2019. The Kamaishi course, part of the trails, goes around the Hakozaki Peninsula from the prefectural road Kirikiri Kamaishi Line. The route goes through Toritani Slope, Ishizuka Pass, Kuwadai Pass, and Ofunato on the Sanrikuhama Highway.

While you may expect a dynamic view of forests, rivers, and the ocean on each course, you need to be careful about wild birds and animals as you walk up and down on unpaved roads. Please check the map and review precautions on the
website of the Environment Ministry before trekking.

Kamaishi City Route
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