Hashino Iron Mine (Sanriku Geopark)

三陸ジオパーク ジオサイト

Hashino Iron Mine refers to the remains of iron ore mining sites, delivery routes, and blast furnaces. Takato Oshima, called the father of modern steelmaking, built a Western-style blast furnace in Ohashi on December 1, 1857, referring to Dutch literature, and succeeded in continuous iron production. The Hashino Iron Mine started operation in the temporary blast furnace (currently the third blast furnace) in the following year. December 1 is locally the iron anniversary.


As the oldest existing blast furnace site in Japan, it was named a National Historic Site in 1957, received a Historical Heritage Award (HL Award) from the American Metal Association in 1984, and became a World Cultural Heritage Site 2015.

【Information Center】
The center guides you to the World Heritage Site with theater images and panel exhibitions. From 1 April to 8 December, pay-per-use tourist guides will stand by. You can also use an audio guide pen and a tablet for AR video transmission.


Location2-6 Hashinocho, Kamaishi, Iwate Prefecture 026-0411 (Google Map)
Phone number0193-54-5250
Hours of use9:30~16:30
Regular holidaysClosed during winter (Dec. 9 – March 31)

Hashino Iron Mine