Tohoku Nature Trails

The Environment Ministry sets the Tohoku Nature Trails that connect you with natural scenes, scenic spots, and historic sites. Kamaishi city designates three courses where you can interact with pristine nature and history.


・Unexplored trails for hermits
Places to visit: Sennin Toge and Kannon Iwa / Distance: 5.4 km
Brochures/PDF 1.7MB(JP)

・Ozaki Peninsula trails along the ria coast
Places to visit:Ozaki Shrine, view / Distance: 8.0km
Brochures/PDF 1.3MB(JP)

・Hakozaki Peninsula Ria Coast Trails
Places to visit:Senjoujiki and Sankanjima / Distance: 6.5 km
Brochures/PDF 1.3MB(JP)

Tohoku Nature Trail