Iron History Museum

One of the few museums on iron in Japan features the beginning of iron making, history of the iron culture passed down in Japan, people involved in the iron making before the completion of the Western-style blast furnace, and indispensable iron to our lives to date. Don’t miss the theater that reproduces the No. 3 blast furnace of the Hashino Iron Mine in full size and introduces it on a multi-image screen.You can also experience metal casting (reservation required).


・The steam locomotive stored in the Iron History Museum’s parking lot is a mini SL called C20 type used for ore transport on the Kamaishi Railway, the third to open in Japan.
・You can enjoy the spectacular view of Kamaishi Bay and Kamaishi Daikannon from the hall and check the miniature of Kamaishi Bay mouth breakwater with a maximum depth of 63 meters, listed in the Guinness Book of Records.
・On display is a vast replica (12m x 16m) of ammonite fossils donated by Digne les Vins, a sister city of Kamaishi.


Location3-12-7 Odairacho, Kamaishi, Iwate Prefecture 026-0002 (Google Map)
Phone number0193-24-2211
Hours of use9:00 to 17:00 (Admission by 16:00)
Regular holidaysEvery Tuesday and Dec.29 – Jan.3

Iron History