Former Kamaishi Mine Office

cThe building built by Kamaishi Mine Co. in 1951 and used as a general office was donated and deposited to Kamaishi City together with the materials related to the Kamaishi Mine and held by Nittetsu Mining Co. The city renovated the building.


The office in the 1950s and 60s revives on the first floor. On the second floor, ore collected at the Kamaishi Mine, historical materials, analytical tools, hospital facilities, and telephone exchange rooms are on display. The upper and lower windows with columns regularly line up on the reinforced
concrete two-story wall. With the entrance and the outer wall in the northeast corner, the neat modernist architecture with accented eaves became a national tangible cultural property in 2013. The area, including the former Kamaishi Mine Office, is the Kamaishi Mine Georama Spot。


・In front of the former Kamaishi Mine Office, you will see the display of “Forecast Northeastern Geological Map” created by German geologist H.E. Naumann (1854-1927), called the father of Japanese geology. This map of Naumann is hugely significant. It became the norm for geological maps first in Japan and subsequently in other parts of the world.


Forecast Northeastern Geological Map

・Two displays wait for you: a US-made butler excavator introduced to Kamaishi Mine in 1929 and a US-made mine car loader presented around 1934 and used until the late 1940s. You can also view a culvert collected when authorities removed piers from the Kamaishi Railway Main Line’s bridge pillars. The railway opened as the third railway in Japan in 1880. The bridge is currently part of National Route 283.
・In the “Annual Sennintoge Marathon Race” held around October, athletes start running in front of the former Kamaishi Mine Office. The race features brilliant autumn leaves and ups and downs comparable to the Hakone course.


Location90-2, Dai 1 Chiwari, Kasshicho, Kamaishi 026-0055 (Google Map)
Phone number0193-55-5521
Hours of use9:30 – 16:30 (admission by 16:00)
Regular holidaysTuesdays and Wednesdays (open on public holidays) & Dec. 10 – March 31

Former Kamaishi Mine Office