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Our guides are experienced and know all about Kamaiishi. We can help you to learn about the lessons from the earthquake, disaster prevention and historical sites. We also offer guided tours of the Hashino Iron Mine, a World Heritage Site. Please feel free to contact us for more information!

How to guide We will guide you along the way.
Guide fee 3,000 yen / 3 hours course
One guide can take up to 40 people (one sightseeing bus). The time required depends on the content of the tour, so please consult us.
Reservations As a rule, reservations are required 8 days in advance.
・by phone  ⇒ +81 193-22-5835 Kamaishi Tourist Information Center
・by fax  ⇒ +81 193-31-1166
・by e-mail  ⇒
Application form (PDF)
Application form (EXL)
Model Course World Heritage Site of Hashino Iron Mine & Geo Guide
Kamaishi City Guide
Kamaishi Mine & Geo Guide
Kamaishi Iron History Museum & Kamaishi Daikannon Guide
Guide to disaster prevention in Kamaishi(Unosumai)
Earthquake Recovery Guide (Hamacho)
Overview We offer you a tailor-made “learning journey”.
Overview of the tour guide
Pamphlet Kamaishi Tourist Guide Association Pamphlet