Kamaishi Rugby

2019.11.16 釜石シーウェイブスRFC vs コカ・コーラレッドスパークス 釜石鵜住居復興スタジアムにて

2019.11.16 Kamaishi Seawaves RFC vs Coca-Cola Red Sparks at Kamaishi Unosumai Memorial Stadium

Since its establishment in 1959 as the Fuji Iron & Steel team, Kamaishi Rugby has gathered entry-level healthy children from Tohoku and Hokkaido. No matter how often it is defeated and beaten, 15 players unite to pass the elliptical ball. Against an opponent with abundant star players, Kamaishi Rugby unfurls the state-of-the-art rugby skills, excites the full national stadium, and wins and returns to their base in the countryside. The “Nippon Steel Kamaishi Rugby Club” was called “Red Flame Corps” or “Northern Iron Men” because of distinctive episodes.

Inheriting Kamaishi Rugby’s DNA, the club was reborn as a community-based team, “Kamaishi Seawaves RFC” in 2001. Currently, it belongs to the Japan Rugby Top Challenge League. But in the future, it will participate in a new league inaugurated by the Japan Rugby Union and aim even higher with its home base of the Kamaishi Unosumai Memorial Stadium, home to the 2019 World Cup.

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