Scenic spots

Kamaishi station square

The square has Takato Oshima’s statue, built 100 years after his death; a steelmaking monument made 160 years after the birth of steelmaking, a bell for reconstruction, and Hisashi Inoue’s memorial.

Location : 22 Suzukocho, Kamaishi, Iwate Prefecture

Kamaishi station square

It became the Interior Ministry’s designated port in 1922 and is the largest international port in the prefecture, lasting for about 100 years.

Sangan Island

It is an uninhabited island with a circumference of 4 km off the Hakozaki Peninsula coast and a model of Hisashi Inoue’s “Hyokkori Gourd Island.”


Ino Tadataka’s Surveying Monument and Constellation Stone

It is a monument and stone erected in 1814 by local astronomical scholar Shosuke Kasai in commemoration of the Izu & Eastern Japan coastal survey kicked off by Ino Tadataka in 1801.

Takizawa Shrine inner temple and the Sawahi River

When you look at the inner temple of Takizawa Shrine from the rocky area, you find the inner temple stands on a cliff created naturally. The pool-shaped scenery formed by the waterfall and river of Sawahi is superb regardless of the season.

Location : 32 Chiwari, Hashinocho, Kamaishi, Iwate Prefecture

Cosmos Park

Volunteers cooperated to repair the park after the Great East Japan Earthquake. Enjoy the time at the adjacent farmhouse restaurant and the view of colorful murals of the factory.
Location : Dai 5 Chiwari, Kasshicho, Kamaishi, Iwate Prefecture

Fudo Falls

The waterfall spans the Kashi River and has a promenade. It is in the city, easy to visit.
Location: 9-183 Kashi-cho, Kamaishi City

Yodomawari Waterfall, Mamashita Waterfall, and Eagle Waterfall

Yodomawari Waterfall is upstream of Takizawa Shrine, Mamashita Waterfall is near Acorn Square, and Eagle Waterfall is on the old road leading to Wayama, handy to visit.

Yodomawari Waterfall
Mamashita Waterfall
鷲の滝Eagle Waterfall
Location : Hashinocho, Kamaishi, Iwate Prefecture

Okagura cedar


Location : Dai 27 Chiwari, Hashinocho, Kamaishi, Iwate Prefecture

Acorn Square

The square has a shop, refreshing toilet, and water park with a watermill, creating an idyllic atmosphere with nearby hills.
Location : Dai 38 Chiwari, Hashinocho, Kamaishi, Iwate Prefecture