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※The fare for the connecting bus between Iwate Hanamaki Airport Station and Hanamaki Kuko St. is 300 yen for adults and 150 yen for children.

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Timetables between Ikebukuro and Kamaishi

Timetables between Sendai and Kamaishi(JP)

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Taxis are a great way to get around Kamaishi!
Taxi company Contact/Reservation Address Jumbo taxi
Kamaishi Taxi 0120-22-3881 1-9-19 Omachi Kamasihi
Bunka Taxi 0120-23-2200 2-14-18 Nakazumacho Kamaishi
Aoba Taxi 0193-23-5911 5-3-5 Kogawacho Kamaishi
Taiyo Taxi 0193-28-1414 7-1, Dai 15 Chiwari Unosumaicho Kamaishi  
Maekatsu Taxi 0193-28-3232 2-714 Unosumaicho Kamaishi  
In case of time charter, please book in advance with the respective taxi company.
Jumbo taxi (9-seater): 8,800 yen per hour / Small taxi: 5,460 yen per hour (flat rate in Iwate)

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