Taxi & Bus

Local Taxi

We encourage you to use taxi as a footstep in the wider Kamaitoshi area!
Company Name Dispatch Office and Telephone Number address (e.g. of house) jumbo
Kamaishi Taxi Co. 0120-22-3881 1-9-19 Omachi, Kamaishi City
Bunka Taxi 0120-23-2200 2-14-18 Nakatsumacho, Kamaishi City
Aoba Taxi Co. 0193-23-5911 5-3-5 Ogawa-cho, Kamaishi City
Taiyo Taxi Co. 0193-28-1414 7-1, Unosumi-cho 15chiwari, Kamaishi City  
Maekatsu Taxi Co. 0193-28-3232 2-714 Unosumi-cho, Kamaishi City  
For hourly charter, please make a reservation with the taxi company in advance.
Jumbo taxi (9-seater) 8,800 yen per hour / Small taxi 5,460 yen per hour (flat rate within the prefecture)


Bus (Iwate Kotsu) Timetable is here.