Kamaishi Daikannon


Kamaishi Daikannon stood in hopes of comforting the souls of those who died in various natural disasters and fulfilling the wishes of the people living in this world. It consists of a 12-story Kannon statue holding a white fish measuring 48.5 meters, a stupa enshrining Buddha’s ashes, and Fudoden. You can roam in the womb of Kannon, viewing 33 small Kannons and the Seven Lucky Gods. The Uotan Observatory, 120 meters above sea level, and the Pure Land Bridge, a shooting point, command spectacular views.

It became a “sacred place for lovers” as a romantic spot suitable for a proposal in 2016. A heart-shaped monument and a “bell of wishes” welcome people who pray for happiness.



・The stupa’s basement enshrines the statue of Japan’s eight Buddhist sects’ founders and Aizen Myo’s statue, worshiped as the god of marriage.
・Kanahebisui, enshrining Benzaiten next to the stupa, is a hidden spot that will bless you with good luck if you wash your money. On sale are amulets that allow you to carry a cleaned 5-yen coin.


Location3-9-1, Odairacho, Kamaishi 026-0002 (Google Map)
Phone number0193-24-2125
Hours of use9:00 to 17:00 (subject to seasonal change)
Regular holidaysNone

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