The undulating coastline peculiar to the rias coastline is also fun to travel slowly on an electric-assisted bicycle. The 310-km route that circles the cultural heritage sites of the Hashino Iron Mine and Hiraizumi is registered as one of Iwate Prefecture’s wide-area cycling routes as a “route linking history and culture with world heritage and the colors of the four seasons.” Bicycle racks are available for cyclists at the Kamaishi Tourist Information Center and other cycle stations, Tools and air injectors for French, English, and U.S. style bicycles are available for rent.

Charge 500 yen per day (paypay accepted)
Hours: 9:00-17:00
*Helmets available for rent
Bridgestone “TB-1e” (27 inches)3 units
MileageEco mode: approx. 200 km,
Auto mode: approx. 105 km,
Power mode: approx. 62 km
Bridgestone “Alberto e” (27 inches)4 units
MileageEco mode: approx. 135 km,
Auto mode: approx. 80 km,
Power mode: approx. 51 km

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Iwate Prefecture
Wide-Area Cycling Route Map
(PDF:1.3MB, Iwate Prefecture official website)

Iwate Wide-Area Cycling Routes
Themes and stories of each route
(PDF:5.5MB, Iwate Prefecture official website)