SL Ginga


SL Ginga departing from Kamaishi Station

The SL Ginga is a reconstruction of the C58 type (C58 239) exhibited and preserved in Morioka Traffic Park by JR East. The joyous steam locomotive has been operating from Kamaishi to Tono and Hanamaki vice versa since 2014.

The body bears images of constellations and animals in “Galaxy Railroad Night” by Kenji Miyazawa, representative novelist of Iwate Prefecture. You can experience the world of “Galaxy Railroad Night” at the planetarium in Car 1. Besides, it has Kenji Gallery, Galaxy Collection, Moon and Star Museum, where you can experience Kenji’s world view as it invites you to Kenji’s “microcosm.”

・ SL Ginga operates irregularly. Please contact the JR East Morioka branch office in advance.
・ Kamaishi Railway was the third industrial railway in Japan. Therefore, various railway-related ruins are left behind. For more, see “The Journey through the History of Kamaishi Iron.
・ The mini SL served Kamaishi Railway and now stays in the Iron and Steel History Museum’s parking lot. Please have a look if you are interested.

mini SL

SL Ginga(JP)