Japan Scenic Byway Kamaishi “Iron Road”

The Japan Scenic Byways are an initiative to revitalize the region and promote tourism through the collaboration of local residents, NPOs, businesses, government agencies, and various other entities working together to create roads that provide a place for visitors to enjoy the scenery, relax, and interact with each other. In the Tohoku region, 21 routes have been registered as “Kaido Scenic Routes.

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Kamaishi “Tetsu no Michi” is a project by the Iwate Kaido Network, Kamaishi City, the Minami Sanriku Coastal National Highway Office of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, the Iwate Prefecture Coastal Regional Promotion Bureau, the Kamaishi Tourist and Product Association, Michi-no-Eki Kamaishi Senjin Toge, and local residents to promote activities that make use of the surrounding modern industrial heritage and outstanding scenic resources, centering on the World Cultural Heritage Hashino Iron Mine and the former Kamaishi Mine Office, a registered national tangible cultural property. The Kamaishi “Iron Road” (Kamaishi Iron Road) is a project to promote the iron and steel industry in Kamaishi.

Kamaishi “Iron Road” (PDF)

Of the Kamaishi “Iron Road,” Hashino Town and Kuribayashi Town in the northern part of the route are not only home to various modern industrial heritage sites related to iron manufacturing, but also to the Tales of Tono and the legend of Yoshitsune’s northward journey, as well as many old trees, natural scenery, and cultural and historical sites of great people.
As part of the Scenic Highway initiative, signboards and explanation boards have been placed at the entrances to these historic sites, so it is a good idea to take the time to enjoy them.


The following pamphlet introduces the history of iron in Kamaishi.

A Journey Through the History of Kamaishi Iron (PDF: 3MB)

Kamaishi “Iron Road”
(Tohoku Regional Bureau Ministry of Land,Infrastructure and Transport)