Future Hall Connecting Life

The hall serves as a disaster prevention learning facility to convey the Great East Japan Earthquake to posterity and protect future lives from disasters. It consists of an exhibition corner describing efforts to learn disaster preparedness, a library of literature, data, and photos, and a multipurpose space for activities, such as special exhibitions, workshops, and narrative clubs.



・ The hall offers a free 20-minute guide of it and the memorial park. You are welcome to apply in advance on the website.
・ Those who cannot visit us may try our menus, such as a pay-per-use guide to the hall and Unosumai Memorial Stadium, a disaster prevention workshop, a storyteller session, and an evacuation rehearsal. Please apply on the website in advance.


Location4-901, Unosumaicho, Kamaishi, Iwate Prefecture 026-0002 (Google Map)
Phone number0193-27-5666
Hours of use9:00-18:00
Regular holidaysWednesdays, year-end & New Year holidays

Future Hall Connecting Life
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