Famous autumn color spots

In Kamaishi, surrounded by the sea and mountains, you can enjoy autumn colors from almost anywhere as the colors deepen. The pass that connects Kamaishi and the neighboring Tono city is highly recommendable. The best time is late October. After that, the autumn leaves go down the mountains and reach the town around November.


Sennin Pass

The Sennin Pass was a problematic place for traffic with sharp curves and steep slopes connecting Kamaishi and the inland area. The “Kamaishi Expressway” on the Kamaishi Akita Line of the Tohoku Crossing Expressway is open. From the old Sennin Pass Road, you will admire the autumn leaves. The standard drive is to go through the Sennin tunnel on the Kamaishi side, enjoy the view below from the plaza, and then pass through the autumn leaves.

Fuefuki Pass

※The road is closed in front until autumn 2021 due to construction work.
Although it is not as famous as Sennninn Pass as the autumn color spot, Fuefuki Pass is also renowned for the autumn leaves. The distance to the leaves is close, adding to the attractiveness to go through.

Why don’t you go around Kamaishi from Tono and drive through the two passes?